Getting your iPhone Repaired in Edmonton

With summer in full swing and everyone on patios drinking and enjoying the weather, it’s inevitable that mistakes like dropping your beloved iPhone will happen. While this can certainly be a stressful situation, luckily there are third party businesses that offer hardware repair of common iPhone issues such as broken or cracked screens, screen replacement, home button replacements, and fixing broken speakers.

You can always go the Apple Store route, however why get an entirely new device and lose all your important data when a simple component like the LCD screen can so easily be replaced? The popularity of the iPhone worldwide has made it lucrative for factories in Asia to mass produce parts for the replacement of screens, back cases and speakers which find their way to Edmonton and lower the end price for the consumer.

Now of course not every iPhone repair business is made equal and while it can be tempting to find the cheapest price and go with it (which is easy since it’s a competitive space), this is highly risky. Putting your device in the hands of someone with zero accountability and only a claim to experience is surely not worth saving the $10-20 markup that more established repair facilities charge. A simple Google search can shed light on recent customer reviews and give you tangible evidence as to how professional and reliable each iPhone repair service provider is.

Whoever you decide to take your damaged iPhone to in Edmonton, we obviously recommend you do the appropriate research and avoid traps like rock bottom prices from unqualified persons. Click here to contact us and view our price list


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